Gonçalo Luz


Heart centered spiritual finder, space holder and energy worker.

I was born in Portugal in 1972, and worked as a filmmaker and film teacher for 22 years.

In 2010, I followed my call for spiritual awakening. Within the next year, I quit my life as an advertising filmmaker, sold most of my belongings, left the comfort of my home, and set off to the Indian Himalayas. I travelled on and off for seven years. And this is where my journey consciously began.

Spiritual seeking, along with personal development, became my journey. In this journey, I found Yoga, Tantra, and my Ikigai. Diving into direct intimacy with myself, my body, my relationships and present reality, became my Sadhana. Remembering my true nature, and that of those around me, became my prayer.

I am a Reiki practitioner since 2010, and became Reiki Master with William Lee Rand (International Center for Reiki Training), in 2011.

I also studied with ISTA (in 2017), and privately (since 2015), as a practitioner of Sexual Somatic Healing.

I currently live and work in South-East Asia. With a beginners mind, I keep deepening the knowledge and practice of Yoga, Tantra, and Sacred sexuality, from the jungles of South Thailand and the rice fields of Bali, to the foot hills of the Indian Himalayas.


Yoga Intimacy is a gentle blend of Heart of Yoga and Tantric Hatha.

It’s a deep and self-soothing practice of intimacy with body, breath and movement. An embodied Sadhana of full awareness and acceptance of each moment, just as it is. Yoga as participation in our given reality. Breath leading the way to movement. A non-obsessive deepening of the connection with oneself, with everything and everyone else around us. It is a practice you can take home and make it your own, every day. Starting today.

Gonçalo Luz is a certified Heart of Yoga teacher. The Yoga that he teaches is coming directly from the father of modern Yoga, T. Krishnamacharya, and his son T.K.V. Desikashar, taught and transmitted through Mark Withwell, their student, and Gonçalo’s main teacher. It is the wisdom that Yoga is intimacy with body, breath, movement, and relationship.

So it is much more than just a set of physical postures, as you may find in many yoga studios. It is not gymnastics. It is Yoga - a non-obsessive way to deepen the connection to oneself, to everything and everyone else around us.

Besides his own practice, the core from which he teaches, Gonçalo has studied all together over 800 hours of Tantric Hatha with Agama Thailand for four intense years, Akasha Yoga Academy, with whom he is a 200hr certified teacher, and Heart of Yoga with Mark Whitwell with whom he is also a 200hr certified teacher.

May I practice out of love for myself, in order to know the truth about who I am, for the benefit of all beings.
— The Pure Motive - Tantric teaching