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Listen to your hands, Breathe into your heart

  • Ko Phangan Thailand (map)

Conscious touch, heart opening practices, Tantric breathwork

A 2 day workshop in which we focus on connecting to the heart and senses, through conscious touch, breathwork and heart opening practices.

You will learn to listen to your hands and senses, from a space of stillness and intuition. Deepening intimacy, through non-sexual consensual touch. Learning to experience through breath and awareness that your hands are an extension of your heart.

This is a journey into self-empowerment, healing and expansion. Learning to ask for what you want and setting clear boundaries. Going beyond the mind, and realizing that we are much more than just our thoughts and emotions. That we carry sacred energy inside, and can connect with others from this highly alive peaceful state.

In this workshop, you will be guided into exploring different breathing techniques. Through this breathwork, the body is overflowed with fresh oxygen and prana, which connects you to the natural healing system of the body. You get the opportunity to release stored emotions from the past, detox your body on a deep level and transforming blockages into bliss and natural flow. Creating space inside, for the healthy natural energy to flow through.

Explore a deeper connection with yourself, your own resources, and your ecstatic aliveness.

** What can you expect? **

Self love practices, diving into the senses, breathwork and heart opening practices we create a sacred bridge between life force energy and spirit. We will explore various Tantric Tools to deepen connection to our own energy centers and explore how to circulate energy together.

Yoga Intimacy is a gentle blend of Heart of Yoga and Tantric Hatha. It’s a deep and self-soothing practice of intimacy with body, breath and movement. An embodied Sadhana of full awareness and acceptance of each moment, as it is. Yoga as participation in our given reality. Breath leading the way to movement.

Clear our channels of stagnant energy and stored emotions in the body by powerful breathing techniques and learn how to draw energy up and through the body, techniques include: Orgasmic breathwork, micro cosmic orbit, Wake up your Juice, Circle of light.

Explore heart-centered connection, through touch. Learn how to connect body and soul directly, through touch.
Conscious touch is intimacy without words, deepening through loving presence, and connection. It's a space of stillness, from which everything arises and everything can be listened and held space to. A safe space where you can be exactly as you are in this moment. Without the need to perform, without expectations, welcoming all that is. A relaxed space to explore yourself, your heart, and intimate connection with others.

** What can you take home from this workshop? **

* Different tantric breathing techniques for daily use.
* Ways to deepen your intimacy through non-sexual touch.
* Different Taoist tantric tools to learn to activate and sublimate the sexual energy/ life force energy of the pelvis up through the channels of the body.
* Awakening the power of the heart for healing, self love and connection to others.
* Different tools on how to quiet the mind and tap into a higher awareness of the senses.

- Active-still meditation/ Yoga intimacy
- Journey on life force activation
- Heart opening practices

15:00- 18:00:
- Diving into the senses, creating a higher level of sensitivity
- Tantric breathwork
- Sacred touch