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Heart of Yoga Retreat - with Shirin Ghoreishi and Gonçalo Luz

  • Shambala Gatherings Sweden (map)
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Connect with body, breath and movement, as you dive deep into the Heart of Yoga.

Explore Asana, Pranayama and Meditation, as a seamless process.

Develop a personal Yoga practice to take home, and do every day.

Spend five intimate days with two heart-centered teachers, in the middle of the Swedish forest.

Surrender to yourself, and rediscover the beauty of being you.


Join us in a heart-centred journey, among lush Swedish forest, as we dive deep into the Heart of Yoga. Five intimate days of practice and transformation with Shirin Ghoreishi and Gonçalo Luz, taking your yoga to a deeper level.

You will connect intimately with body, breath and movement, meet like-minded people, explore the beauty of spring in Sweden, and enjoy tasty vegetarian food, cooked for us with love.

Every-body is welcome to this retreat, regardless of age or experience with Yoga.



Shirin Gorheishi

Shirin Gorheishi

Gonçalo Luz

Gonçalo Luz


15:00 Check-in
17:00 Group gathering / Heart of Yoga practice
19:00 Dinner
20:00 Sauna and rest

07:00 Heart of Yoga practice
09:00 Silent Breakfast
11.30 Forest walk and practice
13:30 Lunch and Rest (Gonçalo and Shirin will be available for private sessions, to help you develop your own personal practice)
17:00 Heart of Yoga practice
19:00 Dinner
20:00 Group gathering (sharing, sauna and other activities)

7:00 Heart of Yoga practice
9:00 Silent Breakfast
11.30 Forest walk and last sharing
13:30 Lunch
15:00 Check out



Shirin believes everyone is here to discover and live their own yoga. That it is important to live in care for this earth and each other, to really listen to oneself, to one’s own natural cycle and not be a slave to others or one owns habits. To enrich and expand ones inner creativity and to be in the participation of life itself. Her way of teaching is in many ways subtle, soft and gentle but does not mean it can be a less intensive experience, She wants people that join her classes to just simply be who they are and that there is space to truly explore ones inner systems and ones own creation. She honers the elements of this world and her teachings is focusing on the relation with the nature of earth, sensuality and our inner core of existence. 

Shirin discovered yoga in 2003 when she went to India to live with Ayurveda, yoga and her passion of the sacred temple dance Kathakali. After that followed a long development within the learning and practicing of different yoga schools and teachers. It was when she met Mark Whitwell where her teachings and living with yoga took a different turn and she started to teach heart of yoga. She took twice 200 hours Heart of yoga teacher courses with Mark Whitwell among many workshops and yoga immersions in Fiji, Shanghai and Bali. Teachers that inspire and influence her greatly too are also Andre Rhiel Nidra Yoga and Pablo Alvarez TAV (Therapeutic Alignment Vinyasa)  from who she learned from in a 300 hours teacher training course in The TC The Clinic in Shanghai that lasted 8 months of daily practice and teachings. 

Moreover she holds a Bachelor degree of modern dance and composition after studying 7 years at the Rotterdamase Dansacademie Codarts in Holland and 2 years of study in Physiotherapy by the Rotterdamse Hoogeschool. In Holland she has been teaching multiple classes to all ages in dance improvisation and theatre and has put up and performed in multiple productions. During the dance years she studied The Method theatre courses in Amsterdam led by Cliff Sutton , Laban movement analysis, Alexander technique, and Bartenieff fundamentals teached by world acknowledged teachers.  

Returning to Sweden she studied and worked as a Swedish massage therapist with a diploma from KMH in Malmo and worked as a gym and yoga instructor before she moved to China in 2007.  For the latest 12 years she has been living in Shanghai China where she has a reiki level 2 diploma, crystal energy healing diploma and been teaching yoga and movement therapy. From traveling the past 25 years she is now returning back to Sweden with her 9 year old son to teach the heart of yoga. 



Shambala is an intimate yoga community and retreat centre in the middle of the Swedish forest. In coming to Shambala you will not only have access to the teachings of top international yoga teachers and teachers from other disciplines within spirituality, you will also encounter the Shambala community who, with open arms, receives and serves the guests with a heart warming and homely family atmosphere.