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Tri Hita Karana – Yoga and Balinese Sacred Rituals Retreat

  • Casa do Páteo Rua das Giestas, Casa do Páteo, Fornos 2970-365 Aldeia do Meco Portugal (map)

Gonçalo Luz warmly invites you to this very special weekend, teaching together with Balinese Priestess Pinandhita Tya, and Yoga Teacher and Priest Nevin Kusar. 

Tri Hita Karana - a Yoga and Balinese sacred rituals retreat, is happening near Lisbon, this November. Tya, priestess of Bali, her husband Nevin, and Gonçalo, welcome you in Portuguese land, in a soul soothing union of Balinese song, water blessing, and Heart of Yoga practice.

Tri Hita Karana is a Balinese principle of living. It literally means three causes of well-being, and is one of the important pillars of Balinese spiritual philosophy: harmony with others, harmony with nature, harmony with spirit.

Gonçalo, Tya and Nevin in a temple in Bali, after a Melukat ceremony performed by Tya

Gonçalo, Tya and Nevin in a temple in Bali, after a Melukat ceremony performed by Tya

Connect with body, breath and movement, as you dive deep into the practice of Heart of Yoga.

Receive Melukat Tri Mala, a Balinese water ceremony that purifies body, mind and soul. 

Spend an intimate weekend with three heart-centered facilitators - Gonçalo, Nevin and Tya.

Surrender intimately through Yoga, and sacred Balinese rituals.

Connect to the intrinsic beauty of divine nature, manifested as You.

Join us in this heart-centred journey, as we dive deep into Yoga, and Balinese sacred rituals – a unique and very special event, happening in Lisbon this November.

Spend this intimate weekend at Casa do Pateo, a beautiful retreat centre, less than an hour away from Lisbon.  

We will create and hold space for you, so you can immerse into two heart-warming days of practice and ceremony, exploring Yoga, connecting with yourself, purifying and self-nurturing on a deeper level.

Take time for yourself, as you deepen your personal practice of Yoga. Gonçalo and Nevin will offer you a balanced practice that is fit for all, directly transmitted from Krishnamacharya and following his principles of practice – Yoga as a non-obcessive practice of connection with oneself.

This practice is fit to all levels of fitness, strength, flexibility and age, and a great way to explore deeper into your own practice. Adjustments will be made to fit personal needs, if necessary. 

As much as your own practice should naturally listen to your body in a daily basis, every practice in this retreat is an intuitive response to the energy and level of the participants.

Nevin, Tya and Gonçalo have practiced together in Bali, with Mark Withwell, their beloved teacher, and they blend their knowledge and skills together in a unique and beautiful offering. Each of them has hundreds of practice hours. They will bring their light and their hearts to this retreat, and they will share them with you. 

Tya and Nevin, during a Melukat offering.

Tya and Nevin, during a Melukat offering.

This retreat will give you the space to explore your practice of yoga on a deep, non-obsessive level, following the principles of the Heart of Yoga. You will learn tools to work with body, breath and movement, connect with like-minded people, explore the beauty of the Portuguese landscape, enjoy tasty vegetarian food, cooked for you with love, and be blessed with Balinese sacred rituals..

Every-body is welcome to this retreat, regardless of your age, type, fitness condition, or experience with yoga.

In order to keep the intimate setting, this retreat is limited to 16 participants. 

In this retreat, you will:

- Experience Balinese sacred practices, performed by a true Balinese priestess

- Explore Asana, Pranayama and Meditation, as a seamless process

- Learn Krishnamacharya’s Five Principles of Practice

- Understand the principle of Strength/Receiving in Yoga and Life

- Start a personal Heart of Yoga practice, for you to take home and do every day

- Spend two days with three heart-centered facilitators, in an intimate setting just outside Lisbon

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Melukat ceremony

The ceremony is called ‘melukat’ in Balinese language. Holy water is given to participants as a form of spiritual cleansing of the mind and soul. The ceremony style is carried on from generation to generation and performed differently in each village. Tya has her own unique style of ‘melukat’. Spiritual purification is the process of eliminating negative feelings in oneself, often resulting in a purge of stress and anxiety. The benefits are a light heart, peaceful mind, and calmness.



Pinandhita Tya 

Tya has been leading ceremonies since 2012, as the village priestess in Pesaban, Karangasem, Bali. She has been working as an energy healer since 2007.

Tya was born Pesaban, at the base of Bali’s largest volcano, Mount Agung. This area is the source of the original Balinese culture and language. It is also well known for breeding powerful priests and healers.

Because Tya herself is from a direct lineage of priests and healers, she had a spiritual practice from a very young age.

From birth, Tya had a strong connection to her ancestors and they would guide her in ceremony, ritual, and mantra. As a little girl she used this guidance and intuition to perform ceremonies for animals that had died in the forest. She automatically knew what to do.

As Tya grew older, it became increasingly clear that she was gifted and that she was in a higher state of consciousness. For that reason she was chosen by her community to become the village priest.

As a priest, Tya is responsible for maintaining and passing on sacred knowledge and rituals as well as performing temple ceremonies. She also has a passion for singing old Balinese songs.

Recently she has attracted an international following for her singing, blessings, and private healing sessions. She has utilized this following to achieve her goal of protecting land in her village from development.

In 2018, a large rice field went for sale in the village. By that same time in 2019 she had already raised all of the necessary funds and bought it. Now she’s continuing on to raise money for another piece of land in the village before hotel developers get a hold of it.

Tya’s ultimate goal is to raise the consciousness of the world in order to harmonize nature and mankind for a sustainable future on this planet.

You can check Tya’s website here:


Gonçalo Luz

You can find my bio on this website, by clicking below:



Nevin Kusar

Nevin is a Yoga teacher in renowned Yoga Barn, in Ubud, Bali. He started his yoga journey teaching Balinese high school students in their native language.

Nevin Kuser was born in Princeton, New Jersey in April, 1986. At 4 years old, Nevin’s family moved to beautiful Tucson, Arizona where he spent most of his time outdoors in nature until the age of 26. Twenty six was a pivotal age for Nevin. He felt a true calling for change. The calling was to follow his heart and he listened to it.

He moved to Bali. In Bali, Nevin enrolled in a yoga training. Two weeks into the training he woke up feeling better than ever! He finished the training, got his certificate to teach yoga, and volunteered teaching Balinese high school students every morning for three years.

Nevin eventually set out to look for a paid teaching opportunity and quickly landed a job in a yoga studio in Ubud, Bali. His manager was a beautiful Balinese priestess with whom he developed a strong connection and would later marry. After this, multiple ceremonies and rituals were performed in order for Nevin to officially become a hindu priest in Bali.

He started practicing ancient Balinese rituals. Nevin then followed his heart a second time, making the decision to integrate these rituals into his yoga classes. The result was so beautiful that some of the students were in tears.

Nevin and his wife are now using these teachings to protect the land in their village. Hotel developers are quickly swallowing up land in Bali. Because of this, Nevin and his wife are taking immediate action and have already raised enough money to buy one large piece of land. Now they are moving onto the second.

This is why they are coming to Europe! To share their love for mother earth and keep their village green!


Casa do Pateo - Casa.jpg


There is an innate orchestra that pulsates, echoing remote stories about us beyond what we perceive immediately, wrapped in the hustle and bustle of the "doings" of each day. It was from this desire of listening and connecting with these melodies and rhythms of nature that the seed for this project was sown.

Casa do Pateo Dome.jpg

The Casa do Páteo is a tribute to nature, to the flow of existence, and to the heart beat of mother earth. Our house welcomes generously, as individuals and as a collective.


Casa do Pateo - Dome - Interior.jpg



Tya and Nevin are devoted to protecting land in their Balinese village, from unconscious development. A part of the profit from this retreat, will be used towards this goal.


Limited to 16 participants - Only 10 places left.


Price (includes accommodation in shared room, and meals):

Early Bird (until October 20) – 280€

Regular price (from October 21) - 320€

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